do not adjust your screen!

I found this new ad for a sustainable development company that invites us to rethink the way things are done. You can’t actually access the link via youtube, so click experiencere1408_thumbnail

The visual effect of the youtube interface splitting at the seams is clever, technologically. But so is the symbolism. It got me thinking. Very little stays the same right now. And the mediums we get comfortable with are just vehicles that are entirely disposable and trashable. The fact youtube has allowed their interface to be tampered with, pulled apart, is telling.

In the end no one can be precious about how messages are conveyed any more. Journos can’t get up in arms about twitter – and  for a great rant on this, see Leigh Sales’ blog in The Punch today. Magazines can’t resent blogs that beat them to… the punch. The medium isn’t the point any more. It’s the content. And hoorah for that!!

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