Sarah Wilson

Speaking & Consulting

Sarah is an experienced keynote speaker, MC and broadcaster. Sarah specialises in speaking to corporates, teams and organisations, tailoring every presentation. Previous clients include the New York Times, Microsoft USA, Blackrock, Woolworths, Facebook, Google, the Australian National Press Club, Cannes Lion, National Australia Bank, IKEA, WeAre8 and the Climate Council.

She has a suite of keynotes that draw on personal anecdotes and tips from the more than 1000 interviews she’s done with global thinkers, from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Oprah’s life coach:

Sarah is warm, refreshingly honest and authentic. She took our audience on a journey to discover the new wellness. We have never received so much positive feedback from a presenter before!

How to turn anxiety into a superpower. A nuanced and deep “conversation” that recasts anxiety as a philosophical and creative experience. In this presentation, Sarah draws on her own experience living with bipolar disorder for 30 years and as a global spokesperson on mental health, as well as the research and experiences she encountered writing her New York Times bestseller First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, which Mark Manson described as, “The best book on living with anxiety that I’ve ever read.”

Anxiety and young people. The above can be tailored to young people if necessary, drawing on Sarah’s National Press Club address research that looked at the anxiety epidemic among young Australians.

One gets the feeling Sarah's mind has operated like a vacuum cleaner sucking up all these experiences, experiments and extensive and deep reading and reflection. Her narrative shows why the conventional diagnostic framework doesn’t really work. It’s a tour de force.

The future of wellness in your organisation. A broader “healthy living” presentation that curates the trends and developments that *actually* work and are backed by gold-standard science. Sarah draws on more than 15 years of extensive research and lived experience to present the top wellness tips to transform individual and workplace outcomes. This includes quitting sugar, mental health and anxiety tips as well as longevity hacks that draw on her work with National Geographic’s “Blue Zones” project.

How to run a business – and a life – based on values. Sarah has studied the best productivity, wellness and simple living advice (detailed across more than 100 Sunday Life column explorations, 1500 blog posts, 15 books and scores of podcast episodes). Sarah draws on lessons learned from meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Oprah’s life coach, Brene Brown, Seth Godin and many more to guide corporates and entrepreneurs wishing to foster an impactful and meaningful career and workplace. Sarah shares the hacks, tips and responsibilities that she has researched and experimented with that are vital for flourishing in a fragmental, uncertain world and for navigating staff, peers and loved ones to a more connected and hopeful future. She shares the latest science on dopamine fasting, resilience, decision theory, “soul nerding”, forest therapy and more.

She also draws on her experience running Australia’s largest digital wellness business…and then closing it and donating all profits to charity. This is a presentation suited to organisations going through a cultural or structural transformation.

Sarah also consults to brands, universities and corporates to develop values-led communications and to facilitate events. She’s guest lectured for the University of Cambridge’s Sustainability and Leadership masters course and partnered with organisations such as the Climate Council, Harvard University and Intelligence Squared on major campaigns.

For all enquiries and booking contact Liana Mcleod [email protected]

We hosted an event which focused on the future of the communication industry. Sarah was the moderator and masterfully managed a great event. Her natural style lends itself to this type of work. Sarah is a real pro and a delight to work with.

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From keynote delivered to the NSW Women’s Resilience Centre