good reminder #1: you only get one shot

This video says it all in pictures.


These moments seem like flukes. But nothing is a coincidence, ever. If you’re meant to live, you will. Everything flows in that direction as if by magic. I’ve been saved from death a number of times, by millimetres. Most of us have. It’s just we don’t see the “hand of God” that swoops in to save us. Or we don’t reflect on it when the moment passes; we take it for granted that the bus changed lanes just at the right moment. Or whatever.

This week death is close to me. My beautiful Uncle Pete, who is also my godfather, has a brain tumor. He’s being operated on, on Friday and he has a 60 per cent chance of coming out of it unscathed. Then comes chemo.

my wise Uncle Pete
my wise Uncle Pete

He’s a wise, still man… from a lifetime spent shaping surfboards and fishing for a living. He lives in a cabin down the South Coast of NSW on his own and reads philosophy books. He’s survived a shipwreck and shark attacks in his time. He told me he “likes the maths”, the fact he has a 60 per cent chance of living. He’s intrigued to see how life plays it out for him. I think he’s grateful for the number of shots he’s had so far… are you?

PS. If you’re the praying kind, feel free to send them his way.

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