good thing noticed #2: paper radio

This is a cute little idea from Melbourne – a podcast service that uploads aspiring writers’ works as audio. Do you write? Contact paperradio direct and see if they like your style.397834931 d1b0c06fc2 good thing noticed #2: paper radio

They’re accepting prose, poetry, political rants, profiles…most things that are about pen to paper. Sadly they don’t do Venn diagrams. Yet.

The content must fall anywhere between 4 and 20 minutes. 160 written words translate to about a minute in speech.

Gosh, I wish it was invented when I started out writing. Would’ve been all over it. Instead, I wrote feminist rants for the ANU student paper. And poetry inspired by Jim Morrison. Imagine. I actually turned up to my first work experience gig at Good Taste magazine with it in my little CV folder. Bless you, Lisa Green, for taking me on!!

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