viral videos: why they make me emotional

This one really got me:


What is it about these videos? I think it’s the sense of Something Big and Human Happening. Of something simple that’s developed (often) innocently, but that grows exponentially through people’s desire to connect and share.

It’s this desire to connect and share that grips me and touches something raw. I mean, that’s what we all desire, that’s the point of the human experience, the impetus behind us evolving from tadpoles and climbing from the primordial soup to Do Human Things. We want to contribute something that connects and shares.

Some people call this drive love. And they say that the force that brought about existence, via the Black Hole, was love.

Anyway, it’s seeing this drive in action that gets me emotional. When I see it, it holds a mirror up to my own drive. I recognise the same drive in myself and it feels raw and true. has posted a list of the top ten viral videos of 2009. A good list. Or listicle, as they say on American blogs, for reasons I don’t truly understand (although I did meet the Gawker blogger Emily who came up with the saying when I was in New York last year. She didn’t know why the name stuck either.)

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