eat: Loving Earth raw chocolate

imagesThis is a new addition to my blog – food I like. From time to time I’ll flag a new food/food discovery that does good things – ethically, environmentally and nutritionally, or just in a makes-me-happy-when-it-sets-off-a-salivary-explosion-in-my-very-being kinda way.

First up, is Loving Earth’s organic, raw chocolate (slogan: healthy, sustainable, fair). I eat it as a twice-a-week treat after lunch. It melts in your mouth and feels like a food stuff, not a guilty indulgence. Where to buy it in your state? Click here.

Five things to like:

1. the rawness bit: the cacao beans are not roasted, keeping the phytonutrients intact. Raw chocolate has twice the antioxidants of its normal, processed cousin.

2. the fact it contains no sugar (or dairy) : it’s sweetened instead with wildcrafted agave nectar, a type of cactus. It’s low-GI and is OK for diabetics and hypoglycaemics and people like me whose stomachs flare up from the white stuff. In fact, all the ingredients are superfoods, including the Himalayan crystal salt they use.

3. it’s Australian: handmade in Melbourne

4. but made from fair trade cacao: it’s sourced directly from indigenous communities in Peru. Loving Earth pay premium prices for the cacao and ensure the money goes back into the communities. They use heirloom Criollo Cacao grown in special rainforest ecosystems. Read more about their fair trade practices and thoughts on conscious consumerism. They’re inspiring kids!

5. and they add in really good stuff: like goji berries, camu camu (contains amazing amounts of Vit C) and maca (saturated with 60+ phytonutrients)

Feel free to point me in the direction of other good food things… x

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