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beautiful clean outsides.1So, you’ve all been emailing wanting to know the details of the 5-day juice detox I did, as written up in Sunday Life. OK, it’s called Schkinny Maninny, which is kind of a misleading name as it’s not really about losing weight…it’s about getting your system back to normal by consuming 6kg of fruit and veg each day…so you can lose weight in a sustained way. I found it great – the stuff is squeezed VERY early in the morning (from organic ingredients) and delivered to your door at about 6.30am (it can come to work or home). It runs Monday to Friday, so it doesn’t eat into your weekend. And I loved the little gee-up notes you get each day, telling you all is ok.You don’t actually have to use your brain at all…everything’s there for you.

Also, you don’t really get hungry doing this detox. Which is really important. You don’t want emotional angst when you’re working on this kind of thing. It defeats the purpose. And I’m so bloody sick of watching good people putting themselves through pain to get healthy. It should feel virtuous, fresh, kind, smooth. So should your bowels. At all times!

What also appealed, was owner Catherine Craig’s story that led to her launching the business. It’s a bit like mine…she found the whole detox industry so prescriptive and tough and unkind and very much about restriction. Her approach is about feeding your body, not punishing it.

This is what Catherine emailed me about it:

A juice detox based on fresh organic fruit and vegetables and nuts.
We deliver 6 fresh juices/smoothies/soup every day for your 3 or 5 day program.  The 6 juices each day meets the daily energy requirements, containing about 1700 calories across the day (including natural fats, carbs  and proteins).  You only have these juices/smoothies/soup, herbal teas and lots of water.  Each day we also give you a little container of seeds to chew on (this will get your jaws moving so you don’t miss chewing too much!)
We deliver in the mornings anywhere between 5am and 9am.  If we are delivering to your home it tends to be on the earlier side, and if we are delivering to the CBD , it tends to be on the later side.
Why not?  Lose a couple of kgs, brighten up your skin, your mood and sky rocket your energy levels.  Your body goes through a natural detox process, and our juices have been designed to help your body through the process with 100% organic fresh raw produce full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
To your home or office.  You will receive a “Schkinny Fresky” each morning, that you will need to refridgerate.   Just chose where you would like it delivered.
Here’s the standard cleanse menu is attached.  Plus we add different things to your menu every day to keep the relationship a little more interesting!

Drop Catherine a line [email protected] or ph: 0410435434

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