check out: unhappy hipsters

I like the gentle melancholy of this new blog It does little more than run arty shots of hipters* with smart captions.


I guess it’s taking the piss. But it doesn’t really poke fun at the people. No, I think it’s more about reflecting on our fascination with this quiet, ephemeral aesthetic. And loneliness. 2010-02-02_10242010-02-02_1025

* Now, let’s talk about hipsters. It’s a term that’s cropped up again (having originated in the 1940s), and now describes cool kids who keep abreast of aesthetically driven trends. Mostly, however, it’s used colloquially to describe kids in their 20s who wear Buddy Holly-esque glasses and aprons as dresses, ride single-speed bikes, hold obscure film appreciation nights, own a street art gallery AND a T-shirt label AND a website design business and live in Darlinghurst/Newtown/ Williamsburg/Collingwood/Fitzroy. Or with mum.

I find these kids sweet. They tend to take time to appreciate little quirks and are often adept with whimsy, which I’ve written about before.

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