try this: write serenely

no need for a caption, really....

My philosophy right now: small, nice, gentle changes to the way you do things can drag you from the biggest of ruts and bored sludges. Little creaky movements to the left or right. Do-able shifts.  Like, sometimes I part my hair on the other side. Or write in a different location (yesterday I hung out at the Surry Hills library). Small, gentle shifts make life feel fresh. But keep it small, otherwise they don’t happen.

If you feel the same way,  you might want to give this little app a crack. Omm Writer is a beautiful, FREE!! download that allows you to change the vibe of your writing experience to a more mellow, inspired, Zen-ish one. It’s the virtual version of sitting in a nice park with a good glidey pen while listening to Enya. Actually, take the Enya bit out.


After downloading the link, you use it as your writing template. You can change the background of your “paper”, overlay ambient music/noises (a lapping shore soundtrack), font size, and the sound effects for text input (ooooh, such wonderfully satisfying click, click noises…like in the movies or Sex and the City when Carrie tap, taps away on a focused mission).

I like the way the cursor just glides along the page. It seems to infuse my thinking with flow.

Tell me what you think…

And what other small techniques you use to get into a writing mood…

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