4 connect-me-sweetly people-watching blogs

I’ve noticed lately the frothing forth of a bunch of blogs that simply observe humanity going about its quirky, often banal thing. They generally make – or imply – gross generalisations. Which can make me balk.

But generalisations exist for us to better understand the world. They don’t have to come with judgment. In fact, when we strike with a generalisation, without hesitation or apology, without critical voice, we are celebrating beautiful patterns of humaness. Our need for patterns, to adhere to patterns, is so vulnerable. At this point we connect and like each other.

I like these ones:2010-03-01_1850

1. Coverspy: This cute site (above) posts observations about New Yorkers on the subway. The site describes the person, where they’re heading (and presumably live) and what they’re reading. The picture painted (or implied) so often perfectly confirms a generalisation you might hold about people who read Dan Brown or wear Doc Martens or both. I like how the girl reading Flow is wearing a white skirt.

2. Angry people in local newspapers: Name says it all. As an ex newspaper journo I sooooo know what goes on to produce those classic “disgruntled washing machine consumer” shots.

3. Stuff white people Like: Very very funny; been around a while. Posts include: “Hating people who wear Ed Hardy” and peering into Chinese restaurants to see how many Asians are dining. A high ratio = good, we can dine here.

4. Goths in Hot Weather: I mean, honestly….why? Then again, why not? (PS There’s a wonderfully decked-out goth who works at a pharmacy in North Bondi. There she is, head-to-toe black, serving locals who swan in for Panadol in bikinis and cut off shorts. I love it. She’s a real sweetheart, too).Shy+Spades

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