adorable video: little boy gets his head around “gay”

I just found this: a video of a 10-year-olds reaction to finding out his uncle is married to a man. I’m just going to copy and paste the copy direct from because the video has been made private.

I just love how the kid is blown away, but doesn’t have any urge to believe the “husband-husband” thing is not right…just that he didn’t realise, that he hadn’t come across it before. So he finds it funny and slaps his head at the idea of discovering something that doesn’t fit the box.

How lovely to find new information funny for simply standing apart from everything to date. And not have any attachment to it. No judgment.

He then gets over it. Yep, moving on. Let’s play ping-pong.

A little boy works through ‘husbands and husbands’

Posted by John Aravosis (DC) at 3/10/2010 06:53:00 PM
Here’s the description from the guys who shot the video:

This moment was captured the day after thanksgiving. We bought our flip cam two days before and were testing it out. We were on our way to the kitchen when Calen stopped us to ask for help washing his hands.

Evan at TruthWinsOut posted a transcript, so you can understand the little-boy talk 🙂

Text onscreen: Thanksgiving.

[Calen, a little boy, is standing in a bathroom next to a sink, looking up into the camera.]

Calen: A husband’s a boy.

Adult male voice from behind camera: Right.

Calen: A wife is a girl and a husband’s a boy. Then you two are husbands! [He hold up two fingers on both hands.] Wifes are girls; husbands are boys.

Voice from behind camera: Right.

Second adult male voice, from next to camera: That’s right. So, if you’re a boy—

Calen: You’ll be a husband.

Second Voice: Right.

First Voice: Yeah, we’re both husbands.

Calen: [puts his head in his hand] You’re both husbands?

Second Voice: Is that confusing—

Calen: You married each other?! That’s funny! [slaps hand to head]

Second Voice: That’s funny, right?

Calen: Yeah. [looks thoughtful] I usually see husbands and wives, but this is the VERY FIRST TIME I saw husbands and husbands! [grins excitedly]

[The two men laugh; Second Voice peers around and grins into camera.]

Calen: So funny. [edit] So that means you LOVE EACH OTHER!

First Voice: Yeah.

Calen: Yeah. Yeah, they’re much alike. You’re much alike. Hey, I’m going to play ping-pong now.

First Voice: Okay.

[Camera follows Calen out into the hallway; he turns back and looks at the two men.]

Calen: You can play if you want to.

Text onscreen: You’re much alike.

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