awesome e-book: how to live without a car


I lived without a car until I was 29. And last year my car was stolen and I took the opportunity to spend 6 months car-free. It was  liberating.  I reduced my circle of influence to a 10km radius (the distance I could ride my bike in comfortably). It limited my choices and steered things to simplicity, implicitly. Creating circumstances that limit our choices are key to living a more streamlined life. I swear!

Anyway, Tammy Strobel of Rowdykittens has put together this ebook with practical tips on how to do it yourself. You can buy it through me direct…and I’ll be upfront, I get 50% via her affiliate program. It’s a lovely set-up. I pass on the good word, and she says thank you. Click here to buy Simply Car-Free for $US9.95

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