free for you: a melancholy song about divorce (which says so much about where we’re all at right now)

1508_thumbnailBit of a sad-sack giveaway, you might be thinking? Ahhhh, not so!

This free download from Tracey Thorn (of Everything But the Girl fame) touched this 36-year-old in lovely, poignant ways. It might you too.

Thorn is releasing her solo album soon, but is letting us download the single “Oh, the Divorces!” for free in advance. It’s so very melancholic – all about witnessing friends breaking up. I’m not sure if its the fact that the song is geared squarely at my demo that appeals… Either way, I liked this bit:

“And each time I hear who’s to part/ I examine my heart/ See how it stands/ Wonder if it’s still in safe hands”.

Examining my own heart to see how it stands…soooo important, don’t you think?. How often do we see friends who hand over their heart to someone else, expecting them to hold it with care forever? It’s like placing it on the most outer limb of a tree and thinking the wind won’t blow it down.

To my mind, it’s always best to hold your own heart close to the trunk, grounded and rooted in the earth. And then invite others over to sit with it there.

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