have a sweet weekend: 26 March xox

A very quick one because I’m about to jump in the car and drive South for my Uncle Pete’s funeral at Broulee. His ashes are being scattered out to sea, which is where he lived most of his life (he was a prawn trawlerer and surfboard shaper and dude who got shipwrecked and attacked by sharks). Big. And Sad. And Full of Life…

But a few little things of joy and interest:


1. This little poppet and her bunny ears, for sale (the ears) from Les Zigouis.

2. Oh sweet Whimsy: Zooey Deschanel’s new album She and Him. It will be out in a little bit. You can listen to it here.6a00d83451c0f869e20120a93ec4f6970b-400wi

3. Can’t think of a name for your blog/website/business/dog? Try wordoid. It will mash up some ideas, to preferred letter-length, with themes etc.

4. Some Albert Einstein lessons that made me pause. I liked this one because I am tenacious. It’s strength, and a weakness…

“It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

Through perseverance the turtle reached the ark. Are you willing to persevere until you get to your intended destination? They say the entire value of the postage stamp consist in its ability to stick to something until it gets there. Be like the postage stamp; finish the race that you’ve started.

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