have a sweet weekend March 19 xx

It’s Friday and sunny. Who’s to complain? I hope you STILL have no plans for Sunday.

And that you’re paving your own road out there, perhaps through a green field??!!!


Me, I’m off to a wedding in Perth. My mate James Thomas, a reporter on Today Tonight, is getting married. Finally. James was the first person in the world to visit me in hospital when I was born (he’s a few months older than me; his mum and dad are best friends with mine). As he announced at his 30th birthday, after I gave the speech, “we tried kissing once, when were about 18, but it was like pashing my sister”. Which is what a brother would say, right! Ooooh, but in different circumstances. OK, I’ll climb out of that hole now…

Anyway, some nice stuff to share over a glass of pinot grigio in the autumnal evening glow, perhaps:

1. Know you’re not alone when you Just. Don’t. Feel Like being a grown up. (But learn to go there anyway): I love this quote from Julius Erving…

“Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don’t feel like them”.

Kind of spurred me on this week to get real about what I’m doing. When you work for yourself you can find all kinds of sabotaging excuses for not getting stuff done on off days.

I also emailed back and forth with Seth Godin during the week. Which excited me no end. The guy is a genius.

His post “I don’t feel like it” is a reminder to pull you finger out if you really want to create great things. Seth’s new book Linchpins touches on the importance of pushing through “the resistance” and fighting “the lizard brain” so that you can deliver your artistic gift.

2. Drink milk. If you feel like it. New research flesh out in Salon.com clears up a whole heap of questions I know I’ve had in the past regarding lactose intolerance. The take-a-friggen-chill-pill upshot is this: most of us can handle the equivalent of 1 cup of milk a day, cheese has less lactose than milk, and the bacteria in yoghurt breaks down the lactose, making it quite digestible.

My personal take is read your body’s signs. Some days I know I can drink milk, others I can’t. And be aware that we’re fed the milk message quite forcibly by industry bodies that are paid for by the dairy farmers. Ditto with soy milk. Both are OK for us, but not great for us. See what your body says.

3. Be thankful: I think this site, thxthxthx is very very cute. The About Me blurb reads: Leah Dieterich’s mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything. thxthxthx is her daily exercise in gratitude. I wrote about having a gratitude ritual in Sunday Life a few months back when Dr John Demartini was visiting.

I still, every night, lie in bed and think of three things I’m grateful for. I just reflect on them. Nothing more. Sometimes they’re crap things that I’m glad I was able to traverse.

Below are some of Leah’s thank yous…


4. Simply backup: Leo Babauta of Zen Habits’ new site mnmlist is as pared-back as a monk’s haircut. In his latest post he shares how he backs up his computer without using an extra hard drive. Thrown in there is a reminder that, really, it’s OK to lose stuff. Let it gooooo…..Let it gooooo….

5. Get paid to be artistic + witty: Billed as “the world’s first social cartoon character”, Eric the Circle is the story of a circle named Eric. It’s being created by anyone out there with 5 minutes to log on and draw a cartoon about Eric. The cartoons will become a book, with the contributers paid for their efforts. Nice!!

A drawing tool on the site makes drawing and adding captions easy. Viewers vote on the submitted cartoons, and those that fare the best will be published in the book.

A gorgeous AUSTRALIAN concept that brings us together to share. Nice and Nice again!!!


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