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Hello, I’m a glasses nerd. I’ve worn glasses since I was 4. I’ve done the whole history of dorky glasses. Oooooh, yes: horn-rims, over-sized flastic fantastics and….an eye patch. 69150_1_468

When I tell this story, I found most people struggle to top it: when I was 12 I had to wear an eye patch for a 18 months. Not a cool pirate one; a piece of beige tape over the left lens of my horn-rimmed frames.

It gave me a particularly BROWN and befuddled look. Yessum, I was special. Right at a time when the 6 other girls at my primary school were getting boobs and boyfriends.

Which puts me in a most authoratative been-there-done-that position to advise on embracing an awkward aesthetic fixture.

Yours might be a bald head. Big boobs. Crooked teeth. Or a “thing” for wearing combat boots that you just can’t shake.

The thing is: I could get corrective surgery. Or contacts. But I never have, despite even being offered it for free. Why? Glasses are part of me. My look works around them.

So instead I:

–  don’t shirk. I wear my glasses boldly. And I wear bold glasses. When you make a stamp firmly, people believe what you’re doing is the right thing to do. People believe that my glasses-wearing is good because I don’t apologise for them. The bald man can do the same. It doesn’t have to detract from an evolutionary mating POV…it doesn’t have to suggest weakness (bad eyes, follicular inadequacies).

– work with, not against or around. I don’t wear jewellery near my face to detract from the “glasses effect”. Glasses are my jewellery.

– be an expert. I also know what shapes suit my face. A tip: for most women a bold line across the top that emulates the shape of a great brow is best. I also think that a shape that extends a little beyond the cheekbones can add some great structure to a longish face.

Frames from Hongkong markets:$10. Chat with HH: Priceless.

– have fun with it: Over the years I’ve learned you don’t need to buy glasses from an expensive optometrist. These ones above I bought for $10 in Hong Kong from a street stall of dress-ups toys. I’ve got a pair of red sunglasses from Sportsgirl that I put prescription lenses in.

As a BTW note:

The ever-delightful Frankie Magazine has just done a Nerdy By Nature shoot in their latest issue…I’m onto something!frankie-500x325

All of which:

Is a bit of an excuse to display these pics….

dorky glasses circa 1985...me in the middle looking quite unimpressed
Colin Firth sees good in The Single Man
Colin Firth sees good in The Single Man

These are from Prism. I had a pair just like them age 14

One of Jo from Eye heart Glasses' friends in some spic specs

I like this girls’ glasses (below). They’re from her own collection at Prism. Ditto the ones above.pic courtesy fo Vanessa Jackman69369_1_468

mid-glasses moment with our PM

Megan Fox: hot
Megan Fox: hot


Some other bits and pieces of advice:

* If you’re in New York, Silver Linings in Thompson St has the BEST vintage specs. I also like Vintage Frames Co.

* Have fun buying online via glasses direct.

* Look out for double-bar action. My latest sunglasses have these. I rather love.TVS2_lookbookcr_MarleenDaniels1

*Check out Jo from NZ’s sweet blog Eye Heart Glasses. She is a true quirk embracer.

Jo and her glasses...

* Whenever you’re in Asia, get your script made up… it’s soooo much cheaper. Vietnam and Hong Kong are great – about $30 for a standard prescription and they generally take about an hour.

* And look out for GRAZ specs. You can buy via grandsocial. The best Australian sunglass designer. Hands down. He’ll soon be doing standard frames, too.

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