watch for the signs (and a great video…scroll to the bottom)

I have a little rule: three signs and I act.

I feel strangely compelled to take note if someone’s name pops up three times in a day. I have to call them. My meditation teacher, for instance. He was mentioned to me by three different people. Finally I called him – his name’s Tim – and he instructed me in a technique that’s changed my life. Quite literally (more on this soon).


I’m not a “universe told me to” type. But I do think we steer our lives toward things as we need them. Subconsciously, or perhaps just on a feeling level, we “lean” toward what we know we need or want. We draw things towards us, so our rational or conscious self can get the directions it needs.

In the past I’ve needed multi-level neon billboards before I’d take notice. I was so closed. But as I started to open myself to this kind of thinking, more and more signs came forth and steered me to the right place.

Signs can also warn and teach lessons.

What about this: when I was sick a few years back I got all panicky about being idle and tried to plan a travel writing gig to the Solomon Islands to dive with sharks. Because diving with sharks is usually the best way to jerk yourself from a rut, right!

But everything went wrong. Flights, commitment from magazines etc. My meditation teacher Tim told me I should stay put. Moving about was bad for my energy levels and for my “vata”, he said. I needed to rest.  I kind of knew he was right. But persisted anyway.68439_2_468

The trip went progressively pear-shaped. 1. All three internal planes in the Solomons broke down so I was stranded for almost a week on a tiny island with no phone. 2. The plane home was delayed. 3. I got home to find my car had been stolen. And my insurance had run out while I was away. The car was never found.

Three signs and I got the message. I wasn’t meant to be moving about and “the universe” was making the point really clear but grinding all modes of transport to a halt.

For the next 6 months I went without a car and limited travel to bike-riding distances. And gradually I got more settled and better.

Anyway, how about this.

1. Abe Forsythe, who wrote and directed the winning Tropfest Shock Jock film this year and came runner up last year (with Being Carl Williams) sent me a link to this short film below that he made after reading my blog. Judging by all three films, I LOVE this kids’ work. The GPS tells an uptight dude what to do…getting him to unwind and… I won’t spoil the ending. But when the GPS says tomorrow take the day off, I took note.

2. Hilariously, last week I meet the woman – Karen Jacobson – who is the Australian voice for all GPS systems around the world.

3. And yesterday I chatted with Madisyn Taylor, the chick behind DailyOM, which YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO NOW. And she told me she takes a day off each week.

Bloody signs everywhere! Tomorrow, I take the day off work.

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