Coming home to earth

A clip by Ben Lee that he did for WWF that hits deep spots. How does it make you feel?

It follows the journey of a monkey returning to earth after a 69-year stint in space. To find it destroyed.

You get the sense the monkey knows what’s ahead as he makes the journey “home”. He’s weary. And sad.

“Oh mother, this world is strange”: I feel this sentiment often. It’s bewildering. And somehow I know Mother Earth gets this. Ben Lee and I are connected via a similar mediation group. We’ve met a few times. And I know The Mother is an important theme for him…

“Your love is everything”: a melancholy message. So is the idea of “coming home” and “knowing you’re not alone”.

But there’s also hope there because implicit is the idea that perhaps we all are, in fact…coming home. That we’re coming back down to earth and finally getting the message. Not because of the distressing scenes of destruction. But because it feels true.

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