i don’t wear makeup on weekends

A cute ad from UK dating site Match.com

I wrote about how I joined a dating site a few weeks back, by way of applying myself to the process of consciously working out what I like doing and who I am and what I can offer to the world. You have to do this when you fill out all the forms. Kinda fun and insightful.

And an admission: I’ve stayed on the site…just to see what happens. I LOVE the vulnerability of the blokes. It’s lovely to see. Even if they’re holding a beer in their profile photo and have avatars like hilariousguy69.

I like wearing no makeup on weekends, too. And dancing on my own in the lounge room late at night.

And riding my bike at night while whistling. And talking in tents.

And having the inside of my arm stroked. But that’s just me.

Funnily, this ad picks up on the same gist. And the chick is wearing a Fair Isle jumper. Which I mention in another column.

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