making a wonderful thing (perhaps not order) from chaos

I wrote about Neil Pasricha’s new book 1000 Awesome Things a few days ago. And Gala Darling.

This is Gala.


The two unite. Gala interviews Neil about all the kind of stuff I want to know from people who do sweet, off-beat things.

I liked this (because it’s so damn refreshing to know that NOT EVERYONE works to efficient systems and rules and mantras, and that being rather chaotic is awesome, too):

<3 Do you write down awesome things as you think of them? Is there an awesome spreadsheet? How do you keep it organised?

Ha ha, I wish! I’ve actually got a giant pile of old receipts, scrap papers, and bus transfers sitting beside my computer with awesome things written on them. I’ve also got a running memo pad in my cell phone and bits and pieces floating around my email. I am definitely not a study in organization. I say once again for effect: You can learn nothing from me on this subject. (Honestly, I envy your Moleskine list-making-and-crossing-out nature. I’m the guy with a bunch of notebooks sitting around with exactly one page used with some grand title on it like “My Plan To Get Organized” or “To Do After Graduating”)

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