sunrise gaff: just a great human moment, really

You seen this? I liked watching it.

Nat Barr was picking up on the absurdity of it. Not finding it funny, per se.

An appreciation of the absurd keeps me ticking along. Life is absurd: we’re planted on this planet for 85-odd years to participate in an intriguing conflation of occurrences that ebb and flow along with an almost comical mission. And then we think we control such occurrences. Absurd.

Sometimes, when I’m running late and I get EVERY SINGLE RED LIGHT IN CHRISTENDOM, I laugh. Because it’s absurd. I get slapped down by “life” all the time these days. The lesson inherent in the slap-down is becoming increasingly obvious. Which makes me laugh each time.

Small moments that stand out from our little control-freakish trot around this mortal coil force us to stop. A dead guy in sunglasses fronting up to an airport: it’s not meant to happen. It’s so wrong. So is all the imagery it conjures. In that moment we become acutely aware of how we kid ourselves, how absurd this game of life is. It’s in the clash that we get it.

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