feel like an emotional, happy cry?

Then watch this Danish flash mob thingo:

They’re singing happy birthday to the bus driver. In Danish. I love watching his open face. So trusting. You can dive into his vulnerability. It’s happiness on a plate.

Today I needed to release some tears in this way. If you do, too, hope this does it for you.

An added thought from a reader which is really nice: Salbra (thank you!) posted this comment and I thought it brought another layer to things. She translates the happy birthday song for us:

Today is Mukhtar’s birthday – hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
He surely will celebrate with a present he has wished for all year – and with lovely chocolate, and cake, and tea.
Look how he smiles for he is so glad, – hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
And the day will also have mum and dad waiting for him at home – with lovely chocolate, and cake, and tea.
And now Mukhtar is home from work – hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
and at his home he will hold a party and then the guets will come – with lovely chocolate, and cake, and tea.
To the end we yell out loud – hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
Good long life and best wishes to Mukhtar -with lovely chocolate, and cake, and tea.

Cheers, chocolate and cake – just sums up an amazingly welcoming country – who focus their days around providing comfort and love and food for their family and friends. They have a word for which there is no other translation “hyggelig” – which is like cosy – but it means being in the company of your beloveds and just hanging out with food and drink and candles and laughter and tears….
Birthdays are such a big celebration in Denmark – i remember my whole class in year ten arriving at six thirty am for birthday breakfast – bakery treats, scandanvian toasts and schnapps!
I’m missing my Danish host sister’s wedding this month – so its a bittersweet lovely reminder of how aweseome Denmark is – this love and joy is how I felt for the two amazing years I lived in the heart of Denmark…. Hurrah for Mukhtar.

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