how to turn a mattress (plus two other life tips for a Tuesday)

One of you is heavier than the other, so your bed sinks to one side. What to do?


1. The New York Times Opinionator blog gives this very clever guide for how to flip a mattress using Group Think maths. The nerd in me loves it. Even if  I sleep alone. In the middle.

2. My favourite blogger Seth Godin, who I’m chatting with tonight on the phone, wrote this rundown of “8 things I wish everyone knew about email”, including this tip:

When you go on vacation, set up an autoreply that says, “I’m on vacation until x/x/2010. When I get back, I’m going to delete all the email that arrived while I was gone, so if this note is important, please send it to me again after that date.”


3. And reader Nat Green suggested I check out 59seconds. I did. I found this creativity test. Take a look at the image. What do you see?

Find out what it says about your level of creativity, by clicking here.

Apparently I am. Creative. Cos I can flip a bird.

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