tony abbott in true flight, as pursued by Kerry

I really think everyone should watch this: Tony Abbott being called to account by the sublime Kerry O’Brien on the 7:30 Report. If you haven’t already. We have an election coming up. This performance is important to reflect on:

For a blow by blow account, Dave Penberthy at The Punch did  a neat job.

There are a few things about Tony Abbott that concern me. His thinking on climate change (he thinks it’s crap), abortion, RU486, industrial relations and the rest are closed-minded and limiting to the human spirit. He also strikes me as the affable Dad at the school fete turning sausages, rather than a politician.

His wear-his-heart-on-his-sleeve, can’t-help-but-blurt-what-I’m-thinking tendencies were briefly rather refreshing and a lot of left-leaning women I know fell for the charm of it all. But they’re starting to come across inappropriate. It’s like the barbecue Dad has been plonked in the wrong plot. Tony himself also has a demeanour about him that says, “I can’t quite believe I’m here…can you?!”. Followed by a belly laugh.

Which is what disturbs me the most. He just doesn’t seem to be taking this politics thing very seriously. I think he’s being caught out.

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