and now my inner nerd would like to share a few words…


It just so happens I’ve stumbled across a few tidbits that appeal to my geeky side recently. I know lots of people like to say they were geeks (especially models). Well, I was one, fair and square. I was in a “special” class, I got the maths prize in Year 12, and the double major maths prize. And the physics prize. I wore an eyepatch for a year when I was 11-12. Need I say too much more…?

1. Guess what released this week? The Huffington Post FREE iphone app. Neat.

2. Do you have a stack of old National Geographics?  Sean Miller made a very cool bookshlef out of his. Public holiday craft project, anyone? (PS he coated the magazines with a a water/starch mixture;  placed them under pressure for about a week; carved out space for a shelf with a bandsaw; about 80 mags were used.)

3. Fun clip of psychologist Philip Zimbardo lecturing on how different cultures’ attitudes to time affect the wellbeing of that society.

4. Remember that ace OK Go! filmclip I posted a while back? Here’s how scientists made the Rube Goldberg machine featured in it.

5. And just to wrap things nicely…a very funny ode to 80s putdowns of nerds and geeks and dork by jocks and mega-bitches.  Behold: The 80s Bully Megacut. The 80s really did have it in for smart kids (hey, I was there, I know) and spewed forth a whole lexicon of insults: “Fleeb”, “Tulip”, “Turd Brain” etc. etc. I guess it was an era defined by big hair and Ronald Reagan and out-and-out opulence. Brains weren’t in demand.

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