some good Monday reads (for those finding their start to the week a little slippery)

How was your weekend? Mine was great. I finished my detox and celebrated by going for a morning sand run on Bondi and then heading to Longrain and eating a meal cooked with much love by Marty Boetz. As an FYI…Marty recently changed his entire menu to reflect his organic/locivore values. He changed chicken suppliers, his oils and uses biodynamic brown rice.


Then I went to The Commons in Darlinghurst. Such a cute place: open fire, 3 levels of eclectic-Swedish-arty-pad-meets-Bavarian-beer-hall, with sweet little touches, like requests that men remove their caps, and that patrons speak softly as they leave, to respect the neighbours.

our_building_3On the way out I was stopped by an old man thinking I was a prostitute. Which was funny. But funnier still because I was on the side of the road on hold to 000 to report a mugging across the road. It was the most drawn-out mugging ever. And the two bad dudes were wearing….BRIGHT YELLOW HOODIES. They were easy to describe to the cops.

But, now, some stuff I rather liked reading of late:

* Salon discusses pimple-popping. And how it’s the most taboo topic to discuss. Poo. Wee. Fine. Popping pimples, especially others’. Not on. I love how most women have in common a primal desire to extract blackheads from their partners face and back. A reminder we’re really just monkeys.

* Gumboots that can power your mobile phone as you walk. Ace for festivals. If you’re into such things. Or just for walking around paddocks.

* Lifehacker posted this great list of the best free Mac Downloads.

* My favourite gizmo for dealing with stuff I come across online, but don’t have time to read right then is instapaper. But if you like doing all your reading on email, “toread” sends an article you like straight to your email inbox. Clever. If you can deal with a bulging inbox. I can’t (I purge mine to less than 10 items every night).

* While on the topic. There’s now an Instapaper iphone app, too. Made my Monday!

* This Psychology Today: spending money can make you happy…if it’s spent on lifestyle experiences and lots of small things, not one big thing. Which speaks to my belief that a better life is about making lots of little changes. You don’t have to overhaul anything. It took me 36 years to work this out!

Go forth and grab your week. Mine is a little slippery, but I should have a firm hold very soon… x

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