are we ready?

I read recently on some efficiency blog that teachers at Montesorri schools (which push a self-directed style of learning) do this thing where they ask the class, “Are you ready?” Apparently it’s a technique geared at getting kids to focus and prepare themselves for learning.


I love it. Are we ready?

Before I run out the door in the morning, with 298347 to-dos on my mind, I ask, Are we ready to do the day well? Before I return a call to Mum, after running around frazzled all day, I pause and ask, Are we ready to give the conversation the care and attention it needs? Before I sit down to write this blog, Are we ready to do it with heart?

It’s like a little full-stop at the end of one activity. And a nice considered launch pad for the next. It’s a breather.

Are we ready? If not, then abort. Back away for a bit. Come back later. That’s cool.

I like how it uses the pronoun “we”. Who is we? It’s me and my inside people (do you remember that post?). It’s me and the whole universe. We’re all in on this together, no? Of course we are.

It reminds me of something that Tim Brown my meditation teacher says: “Let’s see”. He proffers this as the answer to those times when you’re fretting about what might happen or what might not happen and you can’t make a decision (I’ve, in the past, been in this state a lot…I’ve learned to back off from it a little of late). He says, “let’s see”. As in, “let us see”. As in, let the flow of the universe – all of it – see where things need to head.

When you read the fine print to this, it says: You, my sweet, can chill a bit. Sit back. Relax. Observe. And find it kind of funny how things turn out as they need to.

Are we ready? Is everything feeling like it’s a good time to step forward? Do you have your inside people on board?

Let me know if this technique works for you? I’m kind of loving it…

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