stuff I’m not paid to endorse: the sharp political twits I follow

***Updated Friday 5pm: News is emerging the election will be called tomorrow. The PM is saying she’ll ask the GG to delay issuing the writ until Wednesday, which means IF YOU’RE NOT ENROLLED TO VOTE YOU’LL HAVE ABOUT FIVE DAYS TO DO SO. Do it at my link here.

***Updated Friday 5pm: Latika Bourke has started this election Twitter list of political journos to follow. For more, see my list below.

I keep getting asked the best way to stay up to speed with the stuff we all need to know for the election. Honestly? Twitter. It’s taken a while, but Twitter has really settled into itself and we’re kind of getting the hang of how to best use it. It’s not really for inane “I just ate 3 Maltesers” updates. It’s a business tool. And a media tool.

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Heading into the election, Twitter will play a major role. News will break on Twitter (as it did with the Abbott/Turnbull spill). Dynamic, important debate will happen on Twitter. Without spin (there’s not enough characters!). On Twitter the media/opinion leaders we all love actually share what they REALLY think, rather than the publisher line.

Before I break into a list, a community announcement: The election COULD BE CALLED THIS WEEKEND, which means you need to be enrolled to vote NOW. Not on Monday. TODAY. Got it? Once the election is called, there’s about 1-5 days (depending on how fast they move things) to do so. If you’re a first-timer, or you’ve moved, or you have kids who might not be correctly enrolled, check out my election cheat sheet. Pass her around…


Enough of that. My list. Please add any dinkum twits you’re loving and I’ll post it!

Very Good Twits (who provide useful commentary and useful links)

* Annabel Crabb: my favourite columnist. Hands down. Find her at ABC’s The Drum.

* Leigh Sales: also at ABC’s Drum, and host of Lateline.

* Latika Bourke: based in Canberra and great for the scoops.

* Dave Penberthy: editor of The Punch (and closet feminist, truth be known).

* Mark Colvin: really knows how to use Twitter well…shares great reads.

* Samantha Maiden

* Laurie Oakes and David Speers

*** an observation: many of the most influential voices are young women. Just saying….

*** If you’re not already, do yourself a massive favour and tune into Q&A on ABC, Monday nights. It works really well with Twitter – viewers can tweet their thoughts in real time as the political leaders and commentators rant and debate on the panel. Their opinions run along a ticker at the bottom of the screen. The show has recently hit its stride – fun, robust, loose, candid. Exactly how this kind of debate should be.

*** Also check out The Chaser’s Yes We Canberra, Wednesday nights at 9.45 on ABC.

Any others I should add to the list? Who are you loving for robust political thinking? I’m sure I’ve missed a few…

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