Me doing the Good News Week thang

Not sure if you saw it… I was on Good News Week on the Ten Network on Monday night. It was a bit of an election wrap-up. I had a lung infection. And stupidly took a “night” cold and flu tablet. So I was strung-out-dopey all night. Who does that?? I actually don’t remember much of the night. Apart from being stupified by Akmal and getting choc chips down my bra.

Here’s the links (I like how this first one paused on my “Yeah, right, as if elephants fly” expression):

TBH, it was one of the most terrifying things I’ve done. I live in fear of being asked to 1. dance 2. sing 3. do a Theatre Sports-like performance in public. I ran a very real risk of this happening. I ran to the loo all day.

Also – I’m not funny. I mean, I roll with punches and have a good sense of humour, I reckon. But I don’t do gags. In my head I do. And often they’re really bloody funny. But I think my outward awkwardness means the execution will always be dorky. The timing is not syncopated.

It was incredible to watch the others, though. Claire Hooper and Tom Gleeson (whose website I have to link to here cos he’s just joined the interweb world) are beautiful to watch. They seem to just slip into a space where they roll over the gags like egg being folded into batter. It’s a dance. It was brilliant to watch, because it was a very earnest, highly aware (but not quite agitated) space they started from. But once they got going, this alertness swooped into graceful motion.

Paul and Mikey are geniuses with big hearts. They seem to burn with a desire to entertain. It bursts out of Mikey, and bubbles with elan from Paul. Akmal is a dead-set ratbag. I think he’d have to be scraped down from the ceiling after a stand-up night on his own. And Ella Hooper is the sweetest kid around.

Monday night I watched it and cringed. And then put it under a big brick and said, well that’s done. I never worry about things when they’re done. I just put them under a brick. And move on. You?

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