I get fashion hounded in my bike-riding outfit

It’s a risk you take walking in the street these days: will you get stopped by a fashion blogger and asked to share what you wear on camera? Mostly, it’s unlikely to happen to me. I’m not overly “fashion”.  But I got stopped the other day by Faye de Lanty from Fashion Hound and was asked to explain myself. I don’t think I’d actually showered that day…or brushed my hair!

For those interested…

* Woolen haarem pants: All Saints (I buy online…the UK store is best at the moment, given the value of the Aussie dollar against the Euro). The peep-toe desert boots I wore on Good News Week (see yesterday’s post) are also from All Saints (a few of you asked).

* Glasses: from the flea markets in Hong Kong ($15)…If you’re in Hong Kong, stock up on lenses and frames. Cheap as them chips!

* Single-speed bike: built with my mate Reuben. The details are here if you’d like him to build you one.

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