The Happiness Project giveaway. and the winner is….

Hello everyone, thanks so much for all the happy tips from Sunday’s post on Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. All of them, caring, creative replies. Thank you!! Gretchen just got back to me with her verdict:

Let’s see…so hard, so many of them are great, and a good cup of tea is always a good idea too!

Christie: A smile from a stranger as you go about your day. It never fails to put a smile on my own face so I always try and smile at people as I walk along the street.

Hannah: I recently saw Dr. Harry, the vet, on TV describing how kittens require 30 minutes of “positive play” each day to stay happy. I have started to apply this to my life, much to my partner’s irritation! My positive play involves play wrestling, jumping on the bed, dancing to loud music and chasing my partner around the house – anything that feels silly, gets me laughing and is physical. It’s childish and feels FABULOUS. On bored days or miserable days it has definately helped lift my spirits and makes both myself and my pa

Kaye says: Every day I check in with the sun. On rainy days I wish for it to return happy and on stunning sunrise mornings and sunset afternoons I look out to the colours and warmth, thanking the universe for happiness, health and life.

Kaye, Hannah and Christie email me with your addresses please and I’ll get a copy of the book to you in a jiffy. Hoorah to you!

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