is it your job to fix it? posted this from Seth Godin, one of the most favouritist authentic people on the plant, IMO. It’s a really funny rundown of stuff that annoys him because it doesn’t work. Mostly it’s stuff that’s “broken” because someone hasn’t put care or effort into it.

They’re the upshot of flaccid engagement or when a whole organistion kind of says ‘oh, that’s not my job’. Why isn’t it? Why not just do it? Seriously, it’s more pain to let something go that needs to be done. It pains me, when I’m on a job, to contemplate NOT doing something that would take 5 seconds to fix. Where do you stop caring? Where’s the line?

Or do you just care as much as you can, where you can? And don’t create a line?

A glaring example for me right now of this kind of ludicrous oversight: airport security. How long ago was 9/11? How long have we had to take our shoes off at airports? And how long have we had to do this in the most chaotic way, with no chairs, no systems? I watch old people who struggle, ladies in heels juggling bagss…it’s ridiculous. Why hasn’t anyone – from all the airports around the world – fixed this? Devised a set-up that makes the experience smoother and happier?

So confounding. I’m always noticing stuff like this, that makes no sense. What confounds you?

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