what’s your true religion? a quiz

I’m 100 per cent Neo-Pagan and 96 per cent New Age. So says the results from the Belief-0-Matic test on Beliefnet.com that I just did.


I’m only 16 per cent Catholic…which might horrify my mother. I was raised Catholic, but didn’t go to a Catholic school…thank goodness. Mum and Dad, mercifully, didn’t like the draconican style of schooling (and couldn’t afford the fees). I’m least of all a Jehovah’s Witness.

Try the test out – 20 online questions. Breezy 10 minutes.

It got me thinking a little more consciously about what I really believe in. Actually, I didn’t think. My answers came out immediately.

I don’t believe in goddesses and gods, nor karma, except in a very organic sense of the word. But my beliefs allow for goddesses and gods and karma.

I believe everything makes sense as an infinite organism that emerges from the same conscious soup. My eyebrow hair, that ant, the grit of sand under my nail, are all merely different cellular expressions of the same energy and flow. Even a gloomy thought or a breeze – all energetic expressions, as valid and necessary as my fifth toe. And my left ovary.

I don’t believe right and wrong can exist. But I think that for us human beings they operate as good guides to steer us forward. Goodness, or curious “love” (which I think is the best word for it), primarily, is the driving force that moves us forward as “expressions”.

I believe in energy. We are just energy. Not matter. And so we attract and ebb and flow and steer toward and away from everything else, as we bob along through life. I believe in patterns of energy. These beliefs embrace science and they allow for weird happenstance…like “coincidences” and everything “the law of attraction” fans bang on about.

I believe we, as humans, can but find all this very amusing to witness, as we go about being these little expressions of infinite energy. I like thinking about it this way.

I believe that we just believe. Or we don’t. Our deep “knowing” informs our beliefs. They can’t be proven or argued. Just shared.

How do you believe?

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