really not much too much at all.

I don’t have much to say. It’s early. I’m getting my hair and makeup done in my sunroom, ready to go sky-diving in Picton.

I’m drinking this amazing Miessence antioxidant “Berry Radical” drink – a chocolaty “superfood” hot drink. Like a hot chocolate, but it only contains superfoods. You can add coconut milk, or have it in a smoothie, too. (PS Miessence is an Australian company that makes organic cosmetics…and rates highest on the Good Guide).

And reading Annabel Crabb’s speech on The End of Journalism during the week. It’s a must-read for anyone in this game and who loves Ms Crabb!!

While listening to the news, preparing for filming Good News Week for Monday. I’m on with Akmal again and hope he lays off the red cordial this time. Here’s me doing it last time

And loving these Write A  Bikes that my beautiful mate Bill at The Cool Hunter alerted me to:


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