shop closed. off filmin. bak son.

I haven’t been able to post so much lately. And for some reason I feel I need to explain myself!!? And make up for it. I’ve been a little caught up and out of internet range, filming. This is how I spend my mornings – 5:30 starts, driving to location looking like…THIS…


While I’m here…Me and Dr Buzz Aldrin below. I MC’d an event for OMEGA while he was out here in Australia. You might find it amusing (I did) to learn that Buzz’ mother’s maiden name is…MOON…

Dr. Buzz Aldrin and Sarah Wilson

Have a great Friday…and thank you for all your kind comments…especially regarding Julie Goodwin’s post. I know it meant a lot to her…she had a very tough week this week and I reckon the general prayer vibe probably helped.

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