Some lovely friday tips and thoughts

Happy Friday. Good week. Big week. I filmed for a few days with Eat Yourself Sexy, the new show I’m filming on Lifestyle YOU (on telly next year). Two of the women undergoing our diet and lifestyle makeover look completely different women…they’d lost the puffiness in their faces from holding onto toxins. One woman reduced her cellular age by five years in 8 weeks. Just by eating well. I cried. Twice.

Then, last night I got a Twitter DM from Alain de Botton, the astute philosopher and writer. Which is funny, because it was in regards some banter about this tweet he’d posted: “To get a readership of 50,000, you probably need to be known to a million and actively disliked (but not read) by 20,000.” My readership has just gone over that mark…which is cool…and so is the synchronicity here…ANYWAY…

I just like this's a few weeks old now. suits.

Also, my favourite comments from this week. Thanks for sharing…

* I love these tips in response to my thyroid post this week where I shared some stuff that sends me over the edge, and how I cope:

Dani wrote:  “One of the reasons windy days are so draining is that the air becomes charged with positive ions (unless the wind is coming off the sea). Compare this to how relaxing and refreshing a sea breeze is, or a cool change and thunderstorm at the end of a stinking hot day, when the air is charged with negative ions. You can recreate this by chilling out near the surf or a waterfall or just taking a shower”.

Stephanie: “One thing I’ve started doing … is making (my own) tea.  I add licorice (Adrenals), nettle (allergies and iron), echinacea and astralagus (immune), dandelion (cleanse), and pau d’arco.  I buy my herbs from the organic store on Oxford st and boil them for 10 mins. It tastes fowl, but works for me.  Another thing I do is take an adrenal support and get my bloods checked to see what supplements i need such as magnesium and zinc.”

I also liked these eco fashion tips comments:

Olivia likes 99 Dresses: “You use your facebook account to sign in, it’s free to upload, and when someone buys your item you receive buttons (e.g. 1 button = $1). You then use these buttons to purchase other items you like.”

Cath says: “You must check out The Sustainable Stylist. Kim is AWESOME.

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