oh, yes, to be in a certain state…

A gentle thing Aristotle once said:

“The important thing is not to learn, but to undergo an emotion, and to be in a certain state.”

jono-winnelI’ve been in my head a lot most of my life. But I’m unlearning. Unfurling. I’m feeling into life more and more. Slowly. Tediously.

Of course, the more you seek to feel and unlearn, the more intellect and thought and words resist and react and hold on. As you unlearn, words rear their little heads to analyse it all. They chatter and insist they stick around. As I meditate, the words try to creep in to reassert themselves. When they do, I realise how annoying they are in general. How unimportant they are. And the “certain state” matters more and more.

To be in a certain state…this certain state is a still, magnificent, broad, expansive, light knowing. It’s nameless. It’s just a certain state. And when you find it, say in meditation, you hold it gently for as long as you can…until the words take over again.

Do you know this certain state, too?

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