whatever gets you through the night, s’alright

I have a theory. You do your best. And then sometimes things go to shit. In such cases, you do what you can to get through.

77118_3_468 Too often, we push and push to eat right, exercise right etc etc and it’s all pushing and punishment. But we don’t allow ourselves to collapse in a heap right. Which sometimes means doing the “wrong” things.

At such times I try to recall something John Lennon sang, “whatever gets you through the night, s’alright”. And sometimes it is.

I was reminded of this when reading a comment from Dani in response to my post on coping with “thryoidy days”:

“On really bad weekend days when I don’t make it out of bed until mid afternoon, I’ll also often have a coffee, which works for me for a couple of reasons. One, it helps clear the fuzz (I usually have 3 or 4 regular coffees a week, so it’s not entirely an addiction thing). Two, it forces me to get out of bed and out of the house and walk 400m or so to my local cafe = gentle exercise. Three, it means I enjoy the human interaction of chatting to the baristas and the regulars. It works for me, but I udnerstand coffee is not on everyone’s “OK list.”

Yeah, coffee is totally “wrong” if you have thyroid issues. Except when it’s right. I really do think it’s better for overall health to back off and give yourself a break and do “what it takes” to get back onto dry ground, than to rigidly stick to the rules.

Really, the important thing is to be gentle and kind and allowing and flowing. And to acknowledge that it’s OK that some days are just about getting through. Actually, sometimes these days turn out to be the more enrichening and true. Because you’ve listened to yourself.

Sometimes, I get through by:

* Taking a sleeping tablet when I’m agitated at 2am and haven’t slept for a few days.

* Drink red wine when I’m tired and emotional. On my own, if need be.

* The chick doing my hair and makeup just now (it’s a filming day) smokes a joint when she’s had a rough day and wants to shut it all down. “I let my mind go on a holiday”.

* Eat a bacon sandwich with a chai tea for breakfast when I wake up dopey and unexcited by life.

* My friend Kersti stays in bed and reads and drinks plunger coffee until 4pm.

You guys? What gets you through?

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