an astral kick up the arse…then shift!

My internet is down. Regular readers of this blog would know this happens a lot with me. Not in isolation. Always along with some other outage. This time my Foxtel is down, too. And my stereo is being fixed, so no radio. Also, my phone wouldn’t text or call last night in my flat. So I’m outta contact. In the past this has freaked me out.


Now I laugh. One way or another it always happens when I’m in a space where I need to stop. Recalibrate. Listen. How friggen helpful! At least it is when I see it as such, and don’t freak.

I’m now at a cafe in Bondi working. A friend from yoga just dropped in. She’s not working right now because she’s been made redundant. Which was a good thing, she says. She hated the job, but couldn’t budge. So, the redundancy, as she puts it:

was all a fantastic astral kick up the arse.

When we get an AKUTA we freak because it hurts and we don’t know where it came from. But if we allow it to stop us, and we then take a look around, we can see it’s in keeping with where we’re at and is a bit of a punctuation mark on a downward spiral, or a messy, bored, unmotivated stage in life where we’re not making good, proactive decisions. A punctuation mark stops things. Get’s us to notice. And switch directions.

Astral kicks happen all the time. We just don’t notice them. As someone said/wrote recently (I have no idea who/where):

every moment in life is a coincidence or miracle… it really is…we just happen to notice a handful and get surprised by them.

As my mate is saying to me right now as I type, it would be useful if we could notice the gentle, initial astral pokes and didn’t have to be kicked so violently. This is a good life skill to develop. Noticing small coincidences and the miraculous way that life evolves and flows and makes sense is a good way to develop this skill (noticing how you run into  someone really useful at a great moment, or that someone called with some info you have been trying find, or being forced to stop when there’s no way you would’ve done yourself such a favour on your own).

The more I practice noticing the small conflations, the more I smile gently at the astral shoves and pokes and walloping kicks up the proverbial. The next stage is to then act accordingly. Today I’ve backed off from trying to force too many decisions. A slower day. Let’s see how it goes…

If you’re in need of a kick, you might like to read this article about a guy procrastinating about leaving his job. Taking the plunge. He was asking, if not now, when? But it was the wrong question…

Do you have any tips for noticing little conflations?

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