jo’s four favourite posts

I’m on leave, so this is a in-case-you-missed-it post. I asked right-hand chick Jo to highlight her favourite posts from the year. Here they are:


(PS. this pic above is one Jo took from her flat…she sits here to think each morning…)

1. I love this post: The best reason I’ve ever found for backing the f*ck off. Yeah! Basically because of the title . But also because it talks about pacing yourself, slowing down, ‘smelling the roses’, and focusing on making choices to do life well.The clear message: just choose to start stressing less. Be gentle. Choose wellness.Which is something I have on my radar. I’m determined to attempt to do life well. Also, I made some key decisions around the time of this post, and applied for my job with Sarah four days later (on my brother’s 30th birthday  – which is why I know the date).

2. I like spending time on my own, checking in with my inside people (I’ve never had such a fun way to describe it before). That’s why I love this post. The ocean is my favourite place to refuel. And while I’m refueling, I’m checking in on myself. My soul sorts through stuff when I create the space for it. I’ve LOVED Uge since I read this post (I think it’s been a year or so now). I recently met him and he was everything I expected him to be and more… GENUINE GOOD PERSON. Love him. Love this concept.

3. I don’t have a big family. I have an older sister who is very badly disabled and spent most of our childhood in full time care facilities (ie, not around). Then I have a younger brother. Essentially it was just the two of us growing up. This post speaks of big family, tons of chaos, lots of action and activity, and I love it. I love that Sarah’s dad wants to keep his family connected. I also think he’s ridiculously funny, and I appreciate his sense of humour.  I would totally get along with him. And Sarah is DEFINITELY her father’s daughter. She’s funny too. And ridiculously clever. She honours her dad in this post. She’s good at honouring and esteeming people, and putting people at ease. I see her do it daily. She’s also good at sharing her own story, and then turning it around to make it personal for someone else… Like asking about our own family rituals at the end of the post… This skill is a gift. I love it. Sarah, we stick a pic of him here? [Sure thing… – Sarah]

Jo, here's one of Dad you'll love...Xmas day delirium!

4. This list of 10 Things Sarah can’t live without reminds me of the “what’s the one thing you’d take from a burning house” or “what would you want on a deserted island” type discussions we have as humans. It made me stop and think about my essentials. Stuff I can’t or won’t, do without. I spent time making my list. I stuck it on my cupboard door. I also loved it because out of thirteen things, I had eight or nine in common with Sarah. And I liked that. Because I like how she thinks.

Do you have a favourite blog post from the year (not from mine…from other blogs??). Feel free to share…

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