New Year idea: a pace for everything

My mum always says this: in the fullness of time. She’s a far calmer, softer, slower, gentler person than me. And over the years I’ve come to learn that…she’s right. When it comes to taking things a little slower, at least. She once sent me an embroidered place mat and suggested I use it to eat my dinner from. At the time I dismissed the gesture. With the fullness of time, however, I’ve realised that the gesture was about encouraging me to slow things down. To do things in full. To not resist. To take time. To trust that everything will be OK if I do.


This is Mum. And Dad. From when I was a kid and we lived in the country in a house built from scraps. She endures my father. And her six kids. With much patience.

I came across the below excerpt recently. I’m not sure where I found it. So apologies. I saved it in my drafts file on this blog. So I thought I’d share. It relates to when we get really shitty that things aren’t moving fast enough.

Instead of resisting, we can accept that there is a reason for us to be where we are and allow ourselves to observe what the situation offers.

If we consider that the sun only nourishes us because it’s the perfect size and distance away, and that the oxygen that enlivens us is replenished by trees, we may remember that the wisdom of the universe takes placement and timing into effect when orchestrating all necessary details. Therefore, we must be at this place at this time for a good reason.

This comes as a relief to me right now.  A nice reminder for 2011. Everything has it’s right moment! Let it flow…

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