New Year ideas: surround yourself in green

Over the next week or two I’ll post some reflections for a fresh start.


This one is from DailyOm about the colour green. I’ll extract it in part.

Green is a combination of the colors yellow and blue, … Blue exudes calm and peace, while yellow radiates liveliness and high levels of energy. As a marriage between these two very different colors, green is a unifier of opposites, offering both the excitement of yellow and the tranquility of blue. It energizes blue‚s passivity and soothes yellow‚s intensity, inspiring us to be both active and peaceful at the same time.

Green is one of the reasons that spring instigates so much excitement and activity…. In this way, green invites us to shed our layers and open ourselves to the outside world, not in a frantic way but with an easygoing excitement that draws us outside just to sniff the spring air. Unlike almost any other color, green seems to have its own smell, an intoxicating combination of sun and sky˜earthy, bright, and clean. In the best-case scenario, it stops us in our tracks and reminds us to appreciate the great experience of simply being alive.

Green balances our energy so that in looking at it we feel confident that growth is inevitable. It also gives us the energy to contribute to the process of growth, to nurture ourselves appropriately, without becoming overly attached to our part in the process. Green reminds us to let go and let nature do her work, while at the same time giving us the energy to do our own.

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