new year intentions that suit auto-immune types…actually, anyone really!

I don’t so much like New Year resolutions. They have such a prohibitory ring. They’re about stopping and quitting and not touching. And about things in the future that you must get around to doing, as though what you’re currently doing is deficient.


I think intentions are a better flavour of crisp. Intentions are about moving forward in a good way, not an abrupt about-face. They ebb and flow, not force.

And I think intentions issued a few days shy of when you’re meant to adds a fresher twist.

So. My intentions, in no particular order, and that are kind of geared at soothing and healing my auto-immune craziness:

* frame my intentions in the positive. So, less “no more” statements. More, “OK, let’s try this instead” statements. Eg: I intend to eat more green vegetables (instead of I intend to stop eating chocolate).

* that said, I’m cutting back sugar in 2011. I’d ideally like a sugar-free life. But I’ll experiment gently. I’m starting by going for as long as I can without eating dark chocolate. Not as a test of endurance, but as a technique for getting me conscious about why I’m craving it. I’ll be doing other experiments in sugar-freeing myself. I know doing this will take me to the next level of healing. Stay tuned on this…

* Speaking of which, I intend to be gentle.

* To meditate more boldly, and more courageously… digging down deeper.

* To rest. Rest every day. I’ve started lying down for 20 mins and breathing into my stomach in the afternoons. Every day.

* To value rest. It’s not a waste of time. To be honest, I’ve worked out it’s the path to healing my AI. I know this. 2011 I intend to live it.

* Take up Qi Gong.

Also, some non-auto-immune focused ones….

* To enjoy writing my book. I’m dumping my fear right here. Yeehah.

* Go to Berowra Waters Inn for lunch.

* Bushwalk lots. I get city fever. And bushwalking always makes me happy. It works.

* Eat my lunch at a table or outside. Not at a computer. Not reading.

* Do another big bike trip…probably in Spain. I haven’t done one for a few years. It’s time.

* Have and be conscious of intentions. And live to them. I’d like to be alive to where I want to head. Not stumble through another year, tugged from one thing to the next. This takes rest and gentleness….etc.etc.

See you some more in 2011…sharing intentions…BTW, what are yours? I want to be inspired!

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