why you should quit alcohol with me in february

Note: this page has been updated to include the password…“Wellness”

I’m giving up booze during February. 28 Days. Bang. Done. I’m the patron for FebFast, a charity that raises money for drug and alcohol resource centres around Australia. Important! My job is to get people to abstain from drinking for the shortest month of the year. For their health. For their esteem. For the good of our community. If you’re keen to join my team (we won the challenge last year!)  click below and it will take you through. Type in “Wellness” as the password. You’ll need to then contact all your mates to sponsor you cos this ain’t just a vanity project. It’s about helping!

Or you simply sponsor me here.


For anyone umm-ing and ahh-ing about taking part, how about I sell it to you straight in a few dot-points:

* Dropping alcohol from your diet is a very fast, simple way to lose weight. One glass of wine contains the caloric equivalent to a cup of whipped cream. A beer is equivalent to a sausage roll. Two glasses of champers is the equivalent of about 1/5 of your daily energy intake. Yeah, hurts to hear!

* For anyone with autoimmune disease or any kind of health concern, booze makes things way worse. It’s highly acidic stuff. Disease can only be cured when we alkalise our systems. Less acid and we heal faster. When I drink anything more than a glass of wine at a time, my face and the right side of my body swells up the next day, my joints ache and my gut plays up. I still drink wine. I love it. But I pay for it. Having a month out really gives my body a chance to heal.

* I believe in rest. Pausing. We go so fast, so hard, we get stuck in ruts. To pause, to take time out from anything gives our bodies and psyches a chance to recalibrate. Breaking a drinking habit (however strong or weak) refreshes…so that when you have your first drink in March, you choose it and you enjoy it and things feel new.

* Just doing something different, seeing what you’re capable of when you don’t revert to a “drink after work” or a “night at the pub” is special. It gets you creative, alive to yourself and your friends and partner. Last year about 20 of my mates gave up together. We tried new things – walks at sunset, movie nights, etc.

You can read here about how we did it last year…my mate Helen McCabe, editor of Australian Women’s Weekly shared her thoughts here.

I’d love for all you health practitioners and experts to join…FebFast are always after new voices to use for promotion and media opportunities. Post your names and URLs in the comments below!

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