on valentine’s day, it could be worse. You could be my mum.

My Dad just sent this email update. I’ve written before about his group emails. I thought I’d share because it made my day. Bear in mind, this from a man who bought my mum an iron for her 21st.

Hey kids
Look at the terrific present I made mum for Valentines Day. It will be very
handy for all sorts of household chores – carting wood for the fire, moving
pots, wheeling me home from the pub  – to name the only ones I can think of.

DSC03881Note the special removable cage and the customised Valentines Day hearts I
painted on it at Janey’s [my sister] suggestion (which was that your mum may not
immediately identify the trolley as having a connection with Valentines
Day). Mum was especially taken with the fact that I Googled ‘love hearts’ to
see what they look like.

Your mum is over the moon at the melding of engineering excellence and romantic intention!!

I suppose you are wondering where the idea came from – well, the old
mulcher, which I inherited from my Dad 23 years ago, clapped out recently
(it by the way has been resurrected from the dead twice but finally had a
fatal seizure).  I always thought that mulcher was ‘more than meets the eye’
and as I looked at its remains I figured I could do a transformation by
cutting it up and welding it back together in a new and useful form. I have
some fearsome grinders and, it so happens, I recently borrowed Uncle Marty’s
welder for another purpose – and the rest is engineering history.

Love dad

You got any V-day shockers? Tonight I’m on Good News Week and I rant about the guy who sent me an anonymous card 24 years ago…I’m not sure if I should be alerting you to my appearance…I was VERY anxious when I filmed it on Saturday night. I was in the middle of packing my life up when I was asked to go in and do it. My trivia was very lacking.

Oh. Well.

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