I was wondering if you could help me with my book?

I’ve been writing my book for a bit. And since a few of you have kindly asked, it’s coming along well,  in fits and spurts. I’m not sure how many of you have written something as long as a book, but GOSH IT HURTS. It drags up very challenging aspects of one’s self that one has managed to keep nicely safeguarded by routine and distractions and working for other people.


The biggest challenge I’m having is with my authenticity. Digging deep enough to be totally real. It’s easy to write stuff that’s clever or impressive or appealing to a particular audience that you might have conjured. Words can be wonderful cloaks.

I like this quote from J.D. Salinger about how he gets  in touch with his authenticity so he can write his best:

“It takes me at least an hour to warm up when I sit down to work…Just taking off my own disguises takes an hour or more.”

Some days it takes me most of the day. Then I have I flourish of truth at around 4pm.

But to be square with you: The book is a sort-of-memoir, sort-of-philosophical reflection, sort-of-guide-to-getting-well.  But I want the book to reflect where we’re all at. I want it to be about stuff that we all connect with and connect through. And this is where I thought you might be interested in getting involved.

Can I ask for your help? I’d really appreciate it, if you had the time.

Would you mind simply sharing any thoughts prompted by any/all/one of the following questions:

* What topic or theme (eg whimsy or “inside people”) or post or reader comment explored on this blog really connected for you? Got you in the guts? Had you talking to friends about it? “When I read the post about…. it was such a relief to know other people experienced the same thing.”

* Or perhaps there’s a question you’d like to ask me…that you’ve been meaning to…“Tell me Sarah, how did you….”

* Are you lonely? What’s missing from your life? “In my life, I yearn for….”

I’ll also be holding some group chats about life and philosophy and stuff coming up soon. Would you be interested in joining in?


Sarah x

PS…this is the view from my writing desk. Apologies if you’ve already seen it on Twitter.


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