International Women’s Day: 5 things to do

I’ll keep it sweet and short:

1. Call yourself a feminist.

2. Help out here: support 100 women in Asia by making a small loan that will help them set up a business.

3. Watch last night’s Q & A on ABC. Why? Joe Hockey arguing passionately for more women on ASX200 boards (currently only 11% of positions are held by women…the second lowest in the OECD), and across business overall. Kate Ellis agreeing with Joe (!). She also makes some REALLY good points about where things are at. And Gail Kelly is just inspiring and fair and an illustration of what women can truly contribute.

You can catch it here.

4. Read Half the Sky. And then get involved in the Half the Sky movement. Because the best way to fight poverty and extremism is to empower women and girls.

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5. Call yourself a feminist, whether you’re a bloke or a woman. Feminism simply seeks balance.

Australian women earn 83% of what men earn – that’s for doing the same work, with the same qualifications. And it’s an average. Female lawyers, for instance, earn 2/3 of what male lawyers earn. When you take into account part time work, the figure is worse.

Plus a few things my assistant Jo found:

Women on the Bridge where women decide to come together on a bridge which borders their two countries(or communities), in the heart of the conflict; to stand up for peace and an end to violence against women.

Register4 which is Australia’s first online community for volunteer breast cancer research participants.

And, James Bond supports International Women’s Day. “We Are Equals”.


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