why I’m writing a book

“Write the book that pulls you out of bed every night like a secret friend, waiting to be met.”


I post this by way of follow-up from my previous post. It’s  from Australian author Louisa Deasey.

Louisa – whose book Love and Other -Turns came out a few months back; I haven’t read it but I reckon many of you would’ve – posted this thought on one of my blog posts a while back. It was kind of her at the time. It’s fitting just now.

What a lofty contribution to make! To produce something that sits there quietly, ready for when others need to have a part of themselves reflected back at them, to be met with recognition and the hug of common experience. All creative contributions are just that – expressions not of the author/artist but of the collective. Art or books simply say, “don’t you reckon”? and “don’t worry, you’ve been seen” and “you’re not alone in that thought”.

It’s a lofty aim. But nice to reach for.

Thank you to everyone who shared their questions and answers over the past few days. I’m heartened and  just so friggen touched (I hovered for a less cheesy word, I promise I did) by the way we humans reach out to each other. We walk around with impressive, clean masks. But mostly we want to get messy with what lies behind. Thanks for giving me an insight into what’s behind your masks…and for showing me what you see when I scratch away the veneer of mine!

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