my bike philosophy *plus* I’m giving away two nutcase helmets!!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein:

A rippa of a quote. I live by it. Keep up the momentum, have a flow. In life, as on a bike, you only have to a) have the good intention b) activate your cells in flow. And then balance simple comes. In flow we balance. We get true.

Picture 8

Anyone who’s ridden a lot knows you don’t “steer” a bike. When I’m mountainbike racing, I don’t turn the handlebars. I look to where I need to be, keep peddling or tumbling down the hill, and the bike simply leans there. Intention. Activate. Flow. Balance.

Anyway. A giveaway.

I’ve stirred up enough debate regarding helmets…you can catch up on the debate here and here. Time to balance the equation with a non-controversial, very generous giveaway. Nutcase are donating two of their very cool helmets to readers of this blog.


NTCS_LoveThe criteria: send us a pic of you looking hot on a bike, or of anyone really (from your favourite bike site). Names will be put in a hat (or a vase, or a lunchbox) and drawn that way. Two of you will be sent a Nutcase with which to encase your nut!

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