an oodlie…and why you shouldn’t sleep with your microwave

Remember my chat with Joi about oodlies from earlier in the week?

She made this one for me. With this note: “I was going to give you harry potter glasses but felt it would be too busy what with the dog hugging you and the other oodlie sniffing your hair.” She also asked if I have an obsession with cleaning my ears. Which I do. But unrelated.


Also unrelated. But useful. Remember I wrote about how to detox your apartment? (And I discovered my bedroom was a dungeon of EMF evil?)

Well, I found out you can HIRE a guass meter FOR FREE from the Government. Such a device measures EMFs so you can see if your room/house is unhealthy and then make changes accordingly. I just got mine in the mail yesterday – it’s the size of a mobile phone – and whizzed it around my tin shed. Out of interest. Everything sat within the safe range. But two things:

* the meter went over range near electrical appliances that weren’t in operation, but still plugged in, even the toaster. But turned off at the powerpoint it was all good. So? Turn off appliances when not in use, esp at night! Which will save you $$$ on the electricity bill, too.

* the meter jumped from 0.2mG to 10.0 standing half a metre from the microwave while it was not on (but switched on at the powerpoint). It jumped to 300+ when it was in operation!!!!! Holy Hugging Dog!!!

So? Don’t hug your microwave. Don’t let your kids near them, even when not working. And SWITCH OFF THE DAMN THING at the powerpoint if not in use. Or don’t use them (if it’s 300mG standing half a metre OUTSIDE the unit, imagine what it’s doing to our food INSIDE?)

To hire a meter: visit the ARPANSA website and fill in the form

To get more info on this kind of thing and how to detox your home: read building biologist Nicole Bijlsma’s Health Home Healthy Family

And note: Building biologists recommend the reading in a home should be under 2.0 mG in  living rooms and 0.2mG on your bed (although the ARPANSA/government levels are MUCH higher than that).

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